Ambient, Organic, Electronic

cinematic and creative pulsing music

Combining organic and electronic sounds with a relaxed pulse


Intra is the first full length LP from Inochi, featuring a flowing selection of tracks that explore ambient, natural, organic and downtempo beats to mid-tempo electronic global flavours. The main instrumentation is piano, trombone, strings, double and electronic bass, Moog, nature samples and a spacious aesthetic. Inochi aim to intertwine intricate rhythmic and melodic elements with a heartfelt presence, viewing music as innovative but also reflecting a love of artists such as Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Eno, Massive Attack, Nightmares on Wax and Floating Points. From the drone through organic melodies onwards…

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Praise for Inochi

“great, optimistic bouncing bass riff & very, very nice production: lots of appropriate uncluttered space to let things really breathe. top work, again!”

BBC Introducing

A really easy track. Elements of funk and chill. Ambient and euphoric.

Music of SamH

majestic bass tones again. very tasty jazz flourishes on the keys. & very dramatic & plus ‘cinematic’ shards of sound! brilliant production.

Junkyard of Silence