As a socio-cultural academic my research explores connections between art education and popular music, leading to a manifesto for creative higher education.

Due for publication with Intellect Publishing and Chicago University Press in Autumn 2022, Blank Canvas: Art school creativity from punk to new wave.

Post-doctoral research .

Creative Spheres: The concept of ‘scenius’ through the lens of hip hop, jungle, grime, new jazz and indie music. I am exploring collective creativity, how groups came together to forge impactful work through inclusive practices.

Featuring interviews with

Alex Michon, Roy Ascott, Brian Eno, Gavin Bryars, Dexter Dalwood, Stephen Mallinder, Lester Square, Gina Birch, Ana Da Silva, Gaye Black, Clive Langer, Bill Drummond, Cally Callomon, Barry Adamson, Helen Reddington, Keith Levene, Inez Aponte, Michael Pennie, James Eller, Alice Fox, and Pauline Black