The sound of climate change

Burst was created using samples of water falling through a roof, seeping out of taps, and running unbridled across the plains, a plaintiff call to take care of all. Excerpts of Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN are dotted across the track providing greater resonance and depth to the message. We need radical change. Will the last one standing please turn the light off.

Burst (ft. Greta Thunberg)

The One

Listen here to a summer 2021 mix of The one, a revitalized track by Inochi. I have tweaked and twerked this track a few times and like the beats, bassline and general flow which has a euphoric feel. Perfect for a little jaunt to the countryside or for heading down on the beach.

The One

Dawn through the frosted glass of a bird hide on the south Devon coast near Beesands. I love the texture and colours that this abstract image creates.