Everything everywhere…..

The Portsmouth Sinfonia are heard to stunning effect in Everything, Everywhere all at once (Also Sprach Zarathustra) where an original idea of the orchestra is deconstructed by those who were desperately trying to not deconstruct it. The classic space theme tune crumbles under its own weightlessness. The musicians were trying deperately to play accurately, to the notes, but the music falls out of their technical range. Its use in the film really shows the power this version had, the irony, falling apart, fragile, psychedelic which numerous versions of the original don’t have. It’s hilarious but moving. Playing the in my local amateur group, the Axe Vale orchestra, there are some similar moments. Sometimes the strings are scratchy and out of tune, the cellos timid or the brass section thin but when collective energy connects there are moments of extreme beauty and wonder. You can feel the collective breath and almost an astonishment that this rag tag group of retired and failing musicians occasionally impart beauty.

In Blank Canvas I discuss the Portsmouth Sinfonia in detail and trumpet the positive case for the non musician.

You can buy Blank Canvas here: https://www.intellectbooks.com/blank-canvas

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