God save the……

I’m not sure about you but I really wish I could escape the UK over this weekend. I live in rural Devon, S. England where bunting and royal regalia flaps about everywhere. The site of the union jack makes me slightly queasy, so the uplifted level of bunting and red, white and blue is slightly disturbing even for my colourblind eyes. As an art school inspired academic musician, I was interested in reading Nick Cave’s reply to messages of horror that he was attending the Royal Wedding. What would you do if you had the opportunity? I might be intrigued but then give the invite to my mum instead. Sociocultural author John Higgs discusses how the coronation is steeped in elements of magic and the occult and that Charles is doubling down on this elements, as shown by the use of Green Man imagery. I’ll be ensconced in my garden listening to the punk jardiner podcast instead. Viva la Revolution.

You can buy my book on art school education and punk/ new wave musicians here: https://www.intellectbooks.com/blank-canvas

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