Artistic connections

Any kind of artistic connections are made of a synergy which binds and weaves the two resonant forces together. Think John and Yoko or Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish or any other Liverpudlian duo. Peters and Lee maybe.

It is less common for visual artists to have this same affinity but I love the interconnection between Klimt and Mondrian which is highlighted at their Tate Modern show, open until early September.

We are currently decorating our newly bought bungalow, watching Alan Carr and Michelle Ogundehin’s natural chemistry in the wonderful design masters. Combining textures and styles for the contestants is the most difficult element so the Klimt/ Mondrian double act seems a perfect marriage of colour and form, minimalism and flow, the perfect template for informing our own design decisions.

Bungalow lounge with white walls and sea views. Book by Vivienne Westwood on coffee table.