Fact or Fiction

Do you prefer to read Fiction or non-fiction books? There was a great thread on Twitter about whether you can learn more about philosophy reading fiction rather than reams of philosophical texts. Jean Paul Sartre has both covered for you ad nausea. I tend to veer between reading true or made up stories i.e through my PhD I couldn’t read fiction as my brain was consumed with trying to know everything about global culture from the last 2 centuries.

I think it might be time to dive into some Dostoyevski. Or re-read Zen and the art of motorcycling for the 100th time. Voltaire, Camus, Milan Kundera and the Unbearable Lightness of Being. Or Don DeLillo. Perfect escapism for the seriousness of Eurovision. The weekend starts here.

Eurovision final acts including Sweden, Finland, Austria, UK, Ukraine

Who is going to win tonight?